To date, there has been mere hand-waving at the prospect of mushrooming Mobile Broadband Demand Growth. This Study, based on an original methodology demonstrates that the growth of Mobile Data Demand has been vastly underestimated
– by a factor of 10X


76 pages
52 tables and charts
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“The Mobile Traffic DELUGE” study reveals the first clear picture of the vast demand wave about to slam into the industry — 10X prevailing consensus forecasts!

This study exposes the extremely serious underestimates of consensus forecasts. It provides an original, new Bottom-Up Forecasting Methodology

The study zeroes in on lurking dangers for high-growth device and apps providers. It provides the most sophisticated analysis of the evolving Mobile Internet Ecosystem.

It provides an original model for analyzing Traffic through a single Cell Site. – All Model Assumptions are clearly spelled out.

It incorporates all key Growth Factors: Cell Site expansion; Subscriber growth; Growth of Multi-device subs; Proliferation of Broadband Apps; Emergence of Augmented Reality; Increased wireless substitution; Regulatory pressure to expand Broadband.

It provides focused analysis of the Segments of Demand: New Base Load Demand; Interdependence of Apps; User-Initiated Demand.

It explains major trends and their impact: Changing user behavior; Growing device capabilities; Expanding apps capabilities; Ease of access to apps; Plummeting device costs.

It analyzes the key factor of Value Creation and how it impacts the divergent interests of traditional telecom carriers and Web-based growth companies
The study provides answers to critical questions; it:

Corrects errors in consensus forecasts – e.g., The Cisco VNI model
Identifies parts of the mobile network that will be overwhelmed
Pinpoints the stress factors down to the Cell Site level
Details new Demand Growth factors – Augmented Reality, Apps Interdependence, Demand Base Load
Projects demand growth based on a new bottom-up Methodology
Analyzes the wild proliferation of mobile devices & apps
Warns of big implications for the Web-based players
Explains risks to the carrier Business Models
Dissects strategy options for Web-based & Telecom companies
Examines Regulatory, Pricing, Technology & other issues


1. 76 page study – single user, electronic delivery (PDF)…………………….$795.00
2. Complete study – with a (FREE) subscription to Mobile Cloud Era….$495.00
3. For a Company-Wide User License, add ….. $300.00 to single user price

Download the table of contents (PDF)
Contact us to obtain a copy – | 973-285-1500


Alfred Boschulte

Chairman of Mobile Cloud Era and of BSG Advisory LLC, has been a CEO five times, including having been Chairman and CEO of NYNEX Mobile (now part of Verizon Wireless). He has run a Sprint affiliate and was the Managing Director and founder of Excelcomindo, the third-largest mobile company in Indonesia. He also ran the fixed network at Pacific Telesis. A distinguished technologist, he is on the board of Symmetricom, the world’s leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, and is a founding board member of the New York Independent System Operator, (appointed by the governor of the state of New York) which manages the New York State wholesale electricity grid.

Victor Schnee

President of Mobile Cloud Era and of BSG Advisory LLC, is a highly recognized expert in telecom, media and related areas. Founder of Probe Research Inc., he has written ten major industry studies that have regularly been acclaimed in the general press, including The New York Times, Businessweek, Forbes, The Financial Times, The Washington Post and other publications; as well as in the industry press, including Telephony Magazine (two cover stories); Net Economy Magazine (cover story), NGN Magazine (cover story) and others. He has been an adviser and consultant to leading industry companies and major investment banks, including Lazard Frères and ThinkEquity Partners, as well as leading investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Management, JP Morgan and others.

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